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We originally listed our investment property in Lawrenceville for sale by owner. During that time, we met with no less than 2 dozen realtors wanting to list our property, Billy was one of them. He came and to our surprise gave us feedback and constructive ideas on how I could improve the way the home looked with no pressure or strings attached. He was very polite, insightful, engaging, a great listener and articulate about what he said and how he said it. Ready or not, I had a feeling that I was eventually going to hire Billy soon after we met. My wife agreed. I couldn't sell the house on my own and I would need a real expert. Billy was genuine, demonstrated expertise in real estate and many of the wrap-around services related to real estate (e.g. financing, construction, marketing). I first asked him to help me with selling my mother's house in Atlanta (this was sort of an on the job interview/casting). He sold the home at the full asking price within 3 days to close in 30 days (the top price and terms I could have hoped for). After that, it was a no brainer. I listed the rental property in Lawrenceville with Billy, and he did it again. He sold my home quickly at the asking price. He demonstrated great negotiation skills and kept things moving, addressing delicate moments with care. We are now in the process of buying a home and again Billy was key to finding and agreeing on the price of the home we were looking for. We will be asking Billy to continue as our agent in the sale of our current home and any other in the future. To trust Billy with 3 real estate sales within one year's time, and for him to impress us each step of the way is something worth sharing. We are recommending him to all our closest friends and family. You need to talk to Billy and meet him to understand what we experienced. Thanks Billy, you are the real deal and house whisperer!

Gustavo & Lilia Aquino - Seller & Buyer - NE Atlanta, Lawrenceville - St. Ives Country Club

I originally had my home for sale by owner. Billy contacted me and explained the reasons a realtor was critical when selling your home. We negotiated a fee which saved me over $6,500. The house was under cubtract within 2 days of going on the market and it was the highest priced home that sold in my subdivision. Billy was extremely professional and helpful throughout the entire process. He was always available anytime I contacted him no matter the time of day. I would highly recommend him and would definitely use him in the future when buying or selling a home.

Trina McCoy - Seller - Sugar Hill